Usama Tariq - Head of Key Accounts

I started working for Resource Square in 2021, and since then, I’ve developed a reputation as a hardworking and friendly professional. I have consistently improved my skills and expanded my capacity for service delivery over the last two years. I have effectively conducted research in a variety of industries, including financial services, healthcare, information technology, and finance, construction and Oil & Gas.
Additionally, I am in charge of organizing and directing initiatives that involve decision-maker identification and organizational mapping. As a director, I use LinkedIn searches, office help, and CRM administration to get successful results.
My areas of competence cover a wide range of duties, including lead generation, database entry, market research, organization mapping, list building, applicant sourcing, and candidate attraction/ candidate sourcing and CV formatting. I also provide administrative support.
I have acquired considerable knowledge and experience during my professional career, allowing me to succeed in research-related tasks and provide thorough solutions for clients in a variety of industries.


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